Saturday night in Washington Union Terminal

About half of the 29 cars bound for Chattanooga arrived over the last 24 hours, and are parked in various places all over the station. The Mount Vernon is on power and tied down for the night on track 30 along with the Cimmaron River, Pacific Sands, and Suitsme. Station is really quiet. Chef Charles […]

Heading out to the Mainline

The Mount Vernon is parked tonight in Morristown, NJ with an Alco Century 424 on the point. Tomorrow, it makes the convoluted trip between Morristown and Sunnyside Yard, and the entry point for Amtrak. Coincidentally, The Amtrak orders to move the car were updated today: Off to Washington, DC on Friday; ten days on the […]

Photo Album: Northern Central Railway and Algoma Central Railway.

Some pictures from our June 2011 trip around northern Ontario. Sadly, the Northerner (the Onatrio Northland’s Toronto to Cochrane day train) is scheduled to be replaced by buses at the end of September 2012.

“June 2011 circle trip around Northern Ontario with rides on the Algoma Central and Ontario Northland Railways”

From Northern Canada […]

Checking out Niagara Falls; Two weeks to Chattanooga.

Mount Vernon waiting for a train in Sunnyside Yard, NY

Big trip to Niagara Falls last weekend–first time the car has been out in about 4 months, and first trip after a wheelset changeout, and a few assorted repairs/upgrades. Happy to say, the car did well and the passengers were happy. Seems like the car is ready for it’s big trip to Chattanooga in about […]

On the ground in Niagara Falls– The top five sights for a private car visitor.

Niagara Falls, NY (NFL) is the last station in NY before the Amtrak/VIARail Maple Leaf crosses the border into Canada, and it’s the starting point for two Amtrak Empire service trains to NYC, which makes it a convenient and flexible private car destination. Beside the TSA border crossing facility for train passengers, there’s a small […]

PV Mount Vernon *almost* ready for the Sept.-Oct. excursions.

Two new wheelsets get installed next week, and after that, the car is pretty much ready for the road. The fall schedule is the busiest in the PV Mount Vernon’s 10-year operating history: a Labor Day deep-discount weekend trip, the AAPRCO convention in Tennessee and North Carolina, a public trip over Columbus Day […]

An album of abandoned stations (Link to gallery)


A photo album of abandoned railway stations from the UK Daily mail. Wonderful shots, no commentary though.

Here’s the backstory on the North American photos:

The (Detroit) Michigan Central station was built in 1915 (designed by the same team who did Grand Central Terminal, who sold the Michigan Central on the idea […]

Rail imagery and iconography show at Apex Gallery NYC (closes Saturday, so hurry).

Train travel and photography–natural compliments. Both introduced in the mid 19th century. The developing western rail lines, and the places along side them, were extensively photographed during their construction, for the benefit of investors and promoters.

These photos, popularized as postcard images and in the popular press, led to America’s fascination with the Old […]