Railroad History for people who like to acquire things.

Here’s a few shots from the Annual Gaithersburg, MD Railroad Collectible show last weekend. Enjoy!

From Railroad junk, posted by Tom Coughlin on 11/06/2013 (6 items)

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This show goes on once a year, and has about 4,000 attendees. I’m always surprised by the stuff people have in their basements and attics.

4 comments to Railroad History for people who like to acquire things.

  • JohnD.

    I love the old fashioned lamps! I really want to get one and get it working again. I can see myself getting one and hanging it on a hook, outside my front door. Can I get one of these lamps online? Ebay?

    • Tom

      They’re frequently found on Ebay. Lamps with markings from small/short-lived/esoteric railroads frequently command high prices. An old bomber from the Pennsy or the NY Central could go for less than $50 though.

  • This post outlines the history of the railway and trains profoundly;though in pictorial manner. Since you are a teacher by profession and you love your work, this post manifests just that: You are an excellent teacher!

  • Tom

    Sweet of you to say, Mutuma! Many philosophers over the years have observed that travel is a perfect form of education (I agree). Taking a group for a ride in an old railroad car is an amazing experience.

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